Robal Pricing

Accelerate your hiring by using Robal's fast and accurate HRIS solution.

Basic (1 module)

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This model is for companies with access to one additional Robal module.

  • Checkmark Onboarding
  • Checkmark Employee-led Document Management
  • Checkmark Custom Requirements
  • Checkmark Credential/License Management
  • Checkmark Reporting

Pro + (2+ modules)

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  • Checkmark All Basic Features
  • Checkmark All Pro Features
  • Checkmark Middleware
  • Checkmark 2 custom API Integrations
  • Checkmark Additional Support

Need clarification?

How Does Your Pricing Work?

You can choose the plan that works best for your company. We will be here to guide you in the right direction. Our cost is based on annual hires and the number of current employees you need in Robal. 

Do You Charge For Admin Users?

We do not charge for the number of administrative users you have. You can have as many administrative users as you need. 

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You can change your plan if you project an increase or decrease in hiring. 

What is so great about the Pro plan?

The pro plan is great, but all our plans are great. Most of our customers purchase the pro plan based on their company needs. 


What our customers say

“Robal has helped us increase efficiencies in the hiring process as well as bring us an ROI by being able to redeploy staff elsewhere”

“Robal's remote I-9 solution provided us the capability of hiring employees remotely quickly and efficiently.”

“We were able to increase our recruiter's time recruiting because Robal's onboarding process is efficient, and the documents come back from employees completely accurate.”

One tool for all your metrics