Remote I-9

Robal's I-9 product makes it easy and efficient for any type of hiring, whether remote, in-person, or video recordings, we can do it all.

Robal offers:


  • In-person I-9 solution

  • Remote I-9 (3rd party verifier)

  • Remote I-9 (Recorded video)
Remote I-9
Remote I-9

Robal's Remote I-9 Features


3rd Party I-9 Verification

Robal's remote I-9 allows employees to use a 3rd party verifier of their choice to complete section 2 of the I-9.


Video Recording I-9

Robal allows companies to record a video of employees showing their ID over a recorded video if they are registered with E-Verify.


In-Person I-9

Robal allows employers to manage and store in-person I-9 documents and IDs in one secure place.


Audit Trail

No matter how you complete your employee's I-9s, Robal provides you with an audit trail to stay compliant with the USCIS and ICE.


Staying Compliant 

Robal's Remote I-9

Robal allows employers to hire remote workers to verify I-9 documents without employees traveling. Remain compliant with the USCIS requirements using our Remote I-9! Employees can choose an Authorized Representative to verify I-9 documents.

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