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Robal offers a complete employee solution for your W-2 employees, complete employer taxes, government documents, company proprietary documents, get your employer WOTC tax credits, employee led document management system, all which feed to your (or our) payroll system

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Use a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with Robal
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Robal's Features

Get the most out of your HRIS solution

  • Onboarding

  • Remote I-9

  • WOTC Manager

  • Credential/License Manager

  • Payroll


Seamless New Hire Onboarding in Under 7 Minutes

Our intuitive Q&A onboarding process allows employees to fill out forms in under 7 minutes. Enter information one time, and allow Robal to properly place the information in the correct spot in each form.


Hire Remotely With Ease Using Robal's Remote I-9

Robal allows employers to hire remote workers without employees traveling to verify I-9 documents. Employees can choose an Authorized Representative to verify I-9 documents. Robal also has an in-person I-9 as well as a video I-9 solution.

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Manage Your Work Opportunity Tax Credit Using Robal

Maximize your WOTC benefits effortlessly with our user-friendly software. Say goodbye to manual data entry and third-party fees. Our solution empowers your HR team to export/import WOTC forms hassle-free, unlocking your full potential.

Badge Phone

Manage employee licenses, Credentials, and acknowledgments

Robal's badging system allows the employer to manage employee licenses, such as nursing licenses, skilled trades, construction, bartending, and anything else you can think of. 


Robal's payroll solution provides a direct integration

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Robal's Features Explained 

All our features lined up 

Robal has developed our HRIS solution with you in mind. Our goal was to be good at what we do and not be mediocre in multiple areas. With that in mind, we developed:

  • The fastest and most efficient new hire onboarding process on the market

  • 99% accurate completed documents

  • A built-in I-9 product that includes remote and in-person

  • Built-in E-Verify

  • A WOTC manager that saves you 15%-20% in tax credit

  • Built in employee wallet/portal to see paystubs and W2s
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