New Hire Onboarding

Ever wish there was an easy button when it came to hiring? That's what we strive to solve. We've made it an easy interactive process that even those not familiar with tax forms can be comfortable with their answers and complete documents in less than 10 minutes

Fast and Easy Onboarding Process

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Robal’s platform is responsive to any screen size or device. With Robal, employees can fill out forms, access their employment documents, or review paystubs and W2s from anywhere and any device.
Using Robal’s electronic signature by either, finger or mouse enhances compliance with federal and state guidelines.
Robal uses a duel authentication system to ensure your data is safe and secure. We do this by sending notifications through email and text.
No more sending IDs or sensitive documents through email or text. With Robal you can upload your IDs through Robal’s safe and secure portal.
7 Minute Onboarding

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Need clarification?

How long does it take to onboard a new employee?

It takes most people less than 7 minutes to sign up and fill out all federal, state, and local tax documents. 

How accurate is your process?

Our forms and the entire solution are 99% accurate. We have built an intuitive Q&A process to ensure the accuracy of all documents. 

How does Robal help HR departments?

Robal allows HR departments to redeploy employees because of the accuracy of the product. You don't need to go over each document anymore using Robal.  

How do we get started?

Sign up to get a demo, and we will get started right away!

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