Robal: Employee Management Tool

Everything you need to hire and grow your workforce in one place.

Robal is a Human Resource Information System designed to reduce the HR workload. It puts talent and workforce management into one single sign-on solution.

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HR Tech With a Tangible ROI 

Robal's HRIS solution provides companies with an ROI by increasing applicant retention from the easy and secure way of onboarding. Robal delivers 99% accuracy of document completion by auto-approving documents and taking less time for review. 

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Employee and Company

Get the most out of your HRIS solution

  • Onboarding

  • Remote I-9

  • WOTC Manager

  • Credential/License Manager

  • Payroll


Seamless New Hire Onboarding in Under 7 Minutes

Our intuitive Q&A onboarding process allows employees to fill out forms in under 7 minutes. Enter information one time, and allow Robal to properly place the information in the correct spot in each form.


Hire Remotely With Ease Using Robal's Remote I-9

Robal allows employers to hire remote workers without employees traveling to verify I-9 documents. Employees can choose an Authorized Representative to verify I-9 documents. Robal also has an in-person I-9 as well as a video I-9 solution.

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Manage Your Work Opportunity Tax Credit Using Robal

Maximize your WOTC benefits effortlessly with our user-friendly software. Say goodbye to manual data entry and third-party fees. Our solution empowers your HR team to export/import WOTC forms hassle-free, unlocking your full potential.

Badge Phone

Manage Licenses and Credentials

At Robal, we call our license and credential managing system badges. A badge is a tool that verifies an employee’s abilities and accomplishments. Badges are earned by uploading appropriate documentation of pertinent achievements. Employers can view badges and may require them in the hiring process.


Hiring to payroll process made easy

Integrate using our API into your payroll, load with a flat file, or utilize our payroll to manage your personnel easily.  Our product often eliminates double entry, creates a less manual process with fewer errors, and allows for paychecks to be dropped back to the wallet in Robal, allowing for less confusion and a more seamless employer and employee experience.


What our customers say

“Robal has helped us increase efficiencies in the hiring process as well as bring us an ROI by being able to redeploy staff elsewhere”

“Robal's remote I-9 solution provided us the capability of hiring employees remotely quickly and efficiently.”

“We were able to increase our recruiter's time recruiting because Robal's onboarding process is efficient, and the documents come back from employees completely accurate.”


The staffing company's customers were unable to see who was on assignment at their location(s).


Robal allows staffing companies to invite their customers to view who is on assignment.


The staffing company and its customers have an improved relationship. 


A company needed a system to help organize its workforce in several divisions, departments, and locations.


Robal was able to organize their labor with the departments, divisions, and locations features. 


The company was able to eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets and emails between HR and management. They were also able to onboard and allocate new hires to the proper divisions, departments, and locations.


A company started hiring employees remotely to find better talent outside their local area. 


Robal offers a remote I-9 solution that comes with an audit trail that is compliant with the USCIS and ICE.



The company can hire remotely and stay compliant using Robal's remote I-9 solution. They are either able to use our 3rd party authenticator or video call recording if they are registered with E-Verify. 


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Robal Pricing Plans

Basic (1 module)

Contact for pricing

This model is for companies with access to one additional Robal module.

  • Checkmark Onboarding
  • Checkmark Employee-led Document Management
  • Checkmark Custom Requirements
  • Checkmark Credential/License Management
  • Checkmark Reporting

Pro + (2+ modules)

Contact for pricing

Get in touch for a custom quote.


  • Checkmark All Basic Features
  • Checkmark All Pro Features
  • Checkmark Middleware
  • Checkmark 2 custom API Integrations
  • Checkmark Additional Support


How does your pricing work?

You can choose the plan that works best for your company. We will be here to guide you in the right direction. Our cost is based on annual hires and the number of current employees you need in Robal. 

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, you can! You can sign up for a free trial. The link is in the footer of our website. When you sign up for a free trial, you will be limited to how many employees can fill out paperwork. We prefer that you contact us first before you start the free trial. 

Is Robal mobile-friendly?

Robal is mobile-friendly. We built it on a system that will adjust to any device, including tablets, PCs, and mobile phones. No flip phones. 😂

How quickly can we start using Robal?

You can start using Robal within 24 hours of meeting with us. If you are looking for any integrations, it takes a little longer, and if you want us to build anything custom for you, it can take longer as well. 

Get notified of new products and product updates.

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